Thursday, September 5, 2013

A few steps more is happiness but

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Summer is almost gone and regrettably I didn’t end up enjoying it much. I’m also a bit behind in terms of posting as well…work got a bit too crazy. I haven’t been shopping much except for acquiring a rose gold watch (finally) by Marc  Jacobs (Katy I blame you! lol) and recently, a coat for fall (which you might see in later ootds, but I prefer makeup posts more tbh).

And yes… I know my hair is getting really long but I was hoping to trim it after my cousin got married because I wanted to curl it hehe.

However…makeup wise. I have been constantly lusting over the Suqqu and Tom Ford collections. The quality of Suqqu lipsticks...let’s just say they are in their own league. If you try one, you won’t go back to anything else I guarantee. They are soo pigmented and creamy. The color selection though is rather “safe” but as I find with most high-end brands, keeping it “natural” is key. I’ll do a post on my Suqqu collection later on. But here, take a look at the Suqqu 2013 fall collection at Selphia. And the Tom Ford collection with two trios, one called “She Wolf” here at the beauty look book, and the other “In the Pink” here. God they’re just so pretty. Oh, and I might as well add the Lunasol 2013 Summer one too, by the lovely Reika sadly it’s limited edition and sold out everywhere :(.

P.s. Has anyone picked up anything from the Marc Jacobs range at Sephora? 

P.s.s. I had no idea my smile is so goofy HAHA

- D

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