Friday, September 14, 2012

Belle En Blanc

So once again, we managed to squeeze time out of our busy school lives to do another editorial post. Unfortunately we did not get too much time, so we apologize for the lack of images. We will make up it up another time, promise. :)

Taking time into consideration, we both agreed upon on doing a simple "all-white" theme. Well...mostly all white. Keep scrolling down for images! 

Model: Carmen
Photography: Doris

On the outfit (Doris): This might be one of the few times keeping our nails bare will work out perfectly. Even though accessories were once again kept to a bare minimum, it is clear they are the true focal point. The watch brought out a whole another dimension to an otherwise one-dimensional outfit. And having tucked in the blouse on one side in, we are able to distinguish denim from cotton. I am not much for symmetry as you might have noticed. I also like to keep things simple, styling one hand usually bare, and the other, with star pieces. However the last picture with C standing with the bag, hair, and arms hang straight down helped create the illusion of  a straight line thus giving the
impression of length.

On the makeup and hair (Carmen): Because the outfit is all white, the makeup was kept a soft, golden-peachy tone.  The starkness and brightness of the true white would have washed me out. My favourite bronzer to use is the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Soft Matte. The color is not too pigmented, buildable, and suits most skin tones. I focused the bronzer on my jaw line, and contoured the face and nose as well. Highlighting the bridge of your nose, brow bones, and your cheek bones with a light off-white shade will give you an amazing glow. I decided to only line my upper eyelid with a bold black gel-liner, and used a brown shadow to line the bottom to create a softer look. Going with the more natural look, skipping false lashes is a must. I recommend going for a light coat of mascara instead!

I have thin hair, so I decided to brush all my hair to one side to create more volume. I teased the hair and then braided it loosely for a casual look. To extend the length of my braid, I added 3 pieces of hair extension in the shade of my current hair color. Note: It's perfectly fine if the braid is messy. In fact,  the messier the braid looks, the better! Once you are done braiding, loosen it up by lightly tugging at the sides for added volume.
Products used:

- Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions
- Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Soft Matte
- garnier eye roller


- Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller
- Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eye Liner (BK1)
- Sephora Luxe Noir Palette in Gold
- Estee Lauder Magnascopic Maximum Volume Mascara


- Yves Rocher Gloss & Mini Mirror (no number/light pink)

The weekend is finally here! Time to relax, stock up on those study snacks and strap ourselves down for those upcoming assignments and exams. Work hard, and play hard!

C & D


  1. I love love love the style and these photos. How did you get such great looking photos??? The simplicity is impeccable as well.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you so much! All of our photos are taken with D's Nikon D90 with natural lighting. We shoot in C's room or pretty much anywhere we can find a blank wall! Because sometimes we take too long, the sun goes down and C ends up brightening our photos with Photoshop CS6.

      I hope that answers your question :)

      - C+D


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