Friday, December 28, 2012

Write Once, Run Melos

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been feeling quite poorly these couple of days and Carmen has a lot of relatives staying over so our plans have gone awry countless times. But I thought I should at least post something before my neo-citron knocks me out cold. Carmen is planning on doing a swatch on something she got for Christmas real soon :).

Anyways, here are a couple of videos/songs that I wanted to share. Thanks Jesmer for the last one (catchy song despite the video) haha.

- D

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tokyo Jazz Freak

Tok Tok Tokyo!
 Jazz freak~

Not that I know much about jazz, but this song by 45 has been one of my favourite songs for a long time now. Recently rediscovered it and have been putting it on repeat ever since. And well, since the world is ending, you should all listen to it ;). Also, thanks to Kim for freezing with me outside to snap a couple pictures haha. Oh, and while I was buying a couple of movies for my dad, I got carded cause well…I guess I don’t look over 18. Sigh. I guess I'll take it compared to looking 15 a year ago. Anyways, just incase we won’t be able to update this week, Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

P.s. I kept delaying this post because we both thought we were able to fit a makeup shoot this week, but alas :(.

jason wu sunglasses & nu-g clutch via hautelook
jacket hong kong
celine t shirt the85stylepeople
shorts forever 21
jeffrey campbell tripoli via solestruck

Monday, December 17, 2012

Topbox December 2012

So I got my December Topbox in the mail today. I opted for the more environmentally friendly packaging so I can’t say anything about the packaging other than it came in its usual cylinder box with a lid. But wow, this was a rather underwhelming box especially for December, a holiday month no doubt. I won’t rant on the contents anymore but I’ll have to wait for January’s box to see if I’ll be canceling my subscription. And I also heard Glossybox went up from $15 to $21 Canadian per month. Ouch.

Chloe eau de parfum 5mL  Chloe's signature scent captures the creative confident individuality of the Chloe woman. Full Size: $90 (50mL), $115 (75mL.) Available at fine retailers across Canada.

Ferro Cosmetics Miss Priss Blush. A brand founded by Celebrity Makeup Artist Krissy Ferro, that makes 100% natural mineral makeup. Cruelty-free. Available at There’s no sifter, but just free flowing powder in a mini jar. It has really silky consistency, looked pearly and brown on my fingers, but quite light when swatched. I've included a swatch below.

Goldwell Hot Form Spray. Strengthening styling lotion for lasting shape and smoothness. Full Size: $20.95 (150 mL). Available at select professional haircare salons.

Kellett Skincare Developed by Dr. Lisa Kellett, one of Canadá top dermatologists. Combines technologically advanced peptides. Available at

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who is she?

So currently I'm in the process of getting owned by exams. Save me.

Anyways, I've never been exactly a neon type of girl. In fact, if anyone were to take a peek at my closet, they will most likely find black, black, more black, nudes, more nudes, and the rare colored hoodie. Recently (this past summer), I've been super attracted to neon colored accessories. I was eyeing the Cambridge Satchel in either neon pink or neon yellow/green, but being the poor uni student that I am, I made a promise to myself to NOT make impulse purchases. Yay for me, I managed to pull through =). However, I did come across this bag by Material Girl (exclusively at The Bay) that's quite similar in color and style to the Cambridge Satchel. It was $45, with 30% off, and I had another coupon back then that gave me another discount, and it somehow ended up to be a little under $25. So for anyone who's looking for a cheaper option of the Cambridge Satchel, Material Girl it is (they got it in neon pink too). After all, what's the fun of shopping without the bargain and deals?!

Tip: Neon colors against black or white attires will definitely give the entire outfit more attitude.

Good luck with exams everyone!

Bracelet: Ebay
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Material Girl
Assymmetrical Cardigan turned dress: Left Coast
Tattoo tights: Ebay
Blouse: Forever 21 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Le soleil est près de moi

So yeah these pictures were taken in -28 degrees celsius. Probably not too smart on my part...

While watching tv yesterday, I saw an elephant mother give birth to a dead calf, it was so gross & sad yet I was too curious to turn away.  The rest of the elephants in the enclosure gave the mother space to mourn and stuff :(.

It reminded me of my first time at a zoo. My grandma kept stepping on chicken poop, my mom complained about the heat, and my dad forgot to close the goat pen and more than half ran off with the staff chasing. But that’s a story for another time.

P.s. So sorry for the lack of updates! Carmen and I have been pretty busy with exams and with shorter days it’s so hard to find enough light to shoot :(.

giyongchy beanie via ebay
camo sweater sheinside
faux leather leggings via ebay
jeffrey campbell tripoli via solestruck
spelldesigns bag gifted

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cold Dust Girl

Because of my new teacher, I have been scrutinizing piano as a whole so differently.  It’s so much more abstract in an arranged way. That probably makes no sense but, most of the practicing happens mentally now as I try and get rid of the many years worth of bad habits. There really is no real reason for me to play the instrument if I don’t get the thought process right given the other variables will then provide distractions. And I still have a hard time relaxing myself (but that goes for everything e.g. getting a massage).

On a different note, I have plan to skateboard this summer...wait what?  It’s a little late but I don’t want to look back decades down the road and feel remorse and general discontent on missing out on something I wanted to do years and years ago. People that know me will probably say I’m crazy given my clumsy nature and weakening bones, but I think people see me as I present myself to them.  And how I see it, everyone knows a different side of me. Put what everyone knows of me together, and voila you have me. Just kidding.

P.s. I’m not really looking forward to Heart of the Swarm as much as I thought I would. Probably because I didn’t even ladder that much on Wings of Liberty. 

P.s.s.  Look at this: Guerlain’s Turandot. It’s super pretty and the name is chosen so well! (I can’t believe I have become this girly)

beanie loft 82
knit cardigan sheinside
tank urban outfitters
jeffrey campbell spiked litas via solestruck
beaded bracelet premium co.
cross bracelet scarlett hearts
cross ring topshop
pyramid ring via ebay
bag gifted

Friday, November 30, 2012

Girl in the Mirror

         So after weeks and weeks of non-stop assignments, projects, and exams, I’m finally done with all that was thrown at me. Well…not all, but most. Anyways, here’s an OOTD from me after what seemed like a million years. Felt a bit on the street side of fashion today so here’s an outfit featuring pretty much most of my favourite colours: black, white, taupe, baby pink, pastel mint, and silver. The thing I like most about street fashion is you can be comfortable in your own skin with whatever you choose to wear. It's simply a style that'! I just love the combination of baby pink with baby blue or mint. Oh and earlier this week, Doris and I decided to walk through Whyte ave during one of the coldest days in Edmonton. Being such dorks, we “forgot” that we would probably be freezing our butts off since we would be outside half of the time. So therefore we decided to hop right into Loft 82, and each grabbed ourselves one of their super warm toques! I was debating between a cream shade or black. I guess it’s obvious as to which colour I decided to stick with. Guess which shade D got. She’ll probably be wearing it for our next post. Everyone else up here in the north, stay warm!

PS: I should really consider cleaning my room one day. My carpet is starting to disappear…

PPS: The leather bracelet I'm wearing is pretty much one of my all time favourites. I think I will seriously wear it until it literally starts coming apart.

Photo credits: Doris

 Toque  Loft 82
Tights ebay
Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas Solestruck
Black hooded vest Aritzia by Corpus clothing
Pull over sweater Forever 21
Bag gifted
Nail colour  Essence in you belong to me

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Topbox November 2012

Having tried Glossybox which is a $15 subscription every month, and not liking it very much, I decided to try Topbox. I finally got a spot after being on the waiting list for a couple months. Each topbox is only $10, comes in a classy cylinder box and contains a lot more luxury brands which you can see in the link above. It also comes more personalized as well arriving a lot earlier in the month than compared to glossybox.

Included in this month's topbox:
- Benefit They're Real! Mascara
- China Glaze A selection from the On Safari Collection (mine is in Jungle Queen)
- Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend
- Roberto Cavalli Deluxe Miniature

P.s. Changed the layout, wasn't feeling the old one at all, way too pompous. And also tried to minimizie the spacing between photos as it was driving me crazy. Oh and Carmen will be back soon (she's drowning in the amount of stuff to do atm) !

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turquoise Moonlight

This is going to be just a quick nail of the day to share with you guys :) Just incase everyone has been bombarded with plums and reds...I present to you, Turquoise Moonlight! A polish part of the Canada exclusive collection done by Orly for Quo (only in Shopper Drug Mart). I never really pick colors like these to wear on their own, as I feel they are a bit more mature. However, while Turquoise Moonlight is super pretty on it's own, I chose to top it with a glitter coat and I could barely capture it on camera as it just shimmered and glistened in every angle. The application was quite smooth, and I only had to use two coats! :)

rimmel london base coat top coat pro
quo by orly in turquoise moonlight
needme glitter coat in 59

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


All the picture colors turned out slightly different because the sun was going down at an alarming rate haha. After lightening up some of the pictures, something really freaky happened to my face, like I look super pixelated and grainy but it's okay because the sunset is all that matters! When I went to Korea, I remember the Dr Martens store was so striking because the whole store was in some shiny white plastic, but everything was ridiculously expensive like around $300 and up for a pair. There was also so many knee high plaid boots, it was so cool.

I got my first pair of Dr Martens coincidentally during their 50th anniversary, and they took so long to break in, but after breaking in, they were super comfortable. Not to mention, so ideal to wear during winter because of the grip. I love the look of polished black leather, so I always try and shine them up when I get a chance. Mine has slight scuffing near the front because I don't really look where I'm walking most of the time, so I just keep tripping and tripping...

beanie from a hong kong boutique
wool coat from an online site that shut down LOL oh its on ebay
top via ebay
generic nylon tights
dr martens from gravitypope
bag from loveien19

Monday, November 19, 2012

Daul Kim

Exactly three years ago this day, Daul Kim (20 years old) was found dead in her apartment. Suicide, they said. I, myself, had only discovered her blog a couple days before her death and was quite shocked. Having heard that, I went back and read the entire blog. Then it didn’t seem so sudden after all.  

There was a lot of speculation and grey area around her death. Many thought that since she was so high up in her career as a model, she was afraid she would fall. Another theory was that she was already self-harming herself (the name of her blog was I like to fork myself), and just couldn’t take it anymore.

Whatever the reason, Daul Kim remains as one of my five most favourite / influential people. I can relate, from her taste in minimal trance, to her love of Chrome Hearts. In any case, I thought it was only fitting to share some of the incredible works she has done. Daul, may you rest in peace.

All pictures are taken from tumblr.

... ... ...
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