Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who is she?

So currently I'm in the process of getting owned by exams. Save me.

Anyways, I've never been exactly a neon type of girl. In fact, if anyone were to take a peek at my closet, they will most likely find black, black, more black, nudes, more nudes, and the rare colored hoodie. Recently (this past summer), I've been super attracted to neon colored accessories. I was eyeing the Cambridge Satchel in either neon pink or neon yellow/green, but being the poor uni student that I am, I made a promise to myself to NOT make impulse purchases. Yay for me, I managed to pull through =). However, I did come across this bag by Material Girl (exclusively at The Bay) that's quite similar in color and style to the Cambridge Satchel. It was $45, with 30% off, and I had another coupon back then that gave me another discount, and it somehow ended up to be a little under $25. So for anyone who's looking for a cheaper option of the Cambridge Satchel, Material Girl it is (they got it in neon pink too). After all, what's the fun of shopping without the bargain and deals?!

Tip: Neon colors against black or white attires will definitely give the entire outfit more attitude.

Good luck with exams everyone!

Bracelet: Ebay
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Material Girl
Assymmetrical Cardigan turned dress: Left Coast
Tattoo tights: Ebay
Blouse: Forever 21 


  1. Great look! Loving the tattoo tights.;)

  2. I freaking love your outfit! The neon goes so well with it

  3. really like your style and browsing through your looks. the pop of neon here is perfect! xx


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