Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chic with Floral

Hello all you beautiful people out there! I think both Doris and I deserve a cookie cause we've been updating so often. Just kidding. Anyways, so the other day I posted a super feminine makeup look. Today, I felt like wearing something girly...but at the same time I also wanted to add some masculinity to the overall look. So why not mix the two? For the longest time, I always thought that wearing a dress would portray the image of a frail, vulnerable girl. However, add a sweater and a motorcycle jacket on top, and there you have it. The overall look is chic, comfortable, and stylish. Perfect for Valentine's Day! Speaking of Valentine's Day, I am legit craving Lindor's white chocolate right now. Why am I such a sucker for sweets?

motorcycle jacket: h&m
black knit sweater: forever 21
dress: ebay
bag: gifted
shoes: nine west
bracelets: ebay


  1. i love black and floral together!
    this is chic indeed ♥

  2. perfect outfit! your style is amazing <3


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