Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disparate Youth | Featuring Kim & Brittany

Hey, this is Brittany and Kim! We’ve known Doris since we were 4 where we met in kindergarten. Probably doing some art, playing in a sandbox, or some other activity kids would do at that age. For the last 16 years we’ve attended different schools for parts of elementary and all of junior high. We ended up going to the same high school and hung out again where we’d spend countless lunch hours catching up.
Even though we are twins, both of us are very different people. Kim (on the left) now lives in Toronto and is currently studying fine arts at Seneca. I, Brittany (on the right), am currently at the University of Alberta, studying political science. I'd say we are both quite "boyish". We grew up playing lots of sports and hung out with the boys in our neighborhood when we weren’t busy with school. This ended up having a big influence on our clothing style. It became more about comfort and being easy to move in rather than how fashionable it was.  

One day Doris asked if both of us would be interested in modeling some makeup for a blog she ran with her cousin. The timing was perfect, as Kim would be coming back for a week at the end of October, and we just couldn’t say no, how could we?  :)

- Brittany

 Makeup, Photography, Editing by Carmen
Hair/Styling, Photography, Editing by Doris

For Brittany, I went for a more subtle look, in which gel liner is used, but pencil is used on top. This year, a layered liner look is in! As well, I lined the waterline with a black smudge liner and swept a black shadow underneath to soften up the look. I used the lip colour in the same Dior Sun Illusion palette to match the cheeks. Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess bronzer was used for contouring. 

For Kim, I wanted to contrast her with Brittany’s soft, feminine style, so I went for a more “androgynous” look with bold liner, red lips, and a more contoured face. Again, the face was contoured with Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess bronzer. A sweep of dark brown and black eye shadow was used on top of the bronzer as well. The liner was first lined with a gel liner, and then a liquid liner was traced over on top to define the line.

Both Kim and Brittany have such pale complexions, I ended up choosing a blush that is soft, yet buildable, and with a slight shimmer.

With such thin frames, and prominent facial features, not gonna lie, we were aiming for the Vogue look haha. They have been scouted before to model but as they were too young at the time, they could only politely decline. Pale as they are, they rarely wear black. Rummaging through their closets, I ended up choosing a lace dress for Britt as it was more feminine, suiting her voluptuous hair (can you believe it is natural?!). While the one-shoulder dress gave Kim some edginess (because I like contrast). Initially I teased Kim's hair all around, and put it into a low sophisticated bun, but at the last minute (as always) we threw that idea out the window and settled for a sleeker look.

When befriending twins, you tend to try and figure out their differences as soon as possible, that was probably what I ended up doing subconciously. Britt, I noticed, has a higher, lighter voice than Kim. She is also a bit girlier, taller, has a certain bounce in her steps, and a complete addict towards diet cola. Kim, on the otherhand, is more motherly, a complete watermelon lover, and can't smell at all due to complications at birth. Even their walk is so different!

I could talk about their differences and our history forever, but alas, it is getting late and this is already too much text for anyone to read (bravo if you made it so far).

Goodnight and until next time!

Products used:

On Kim:
- Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream
- Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Soft Matte
- Sephora Luxe Noir e/s palette in Gold
- NYX The Crimson Amulet Dark Shadows palette
- E.L.F gel eyeliner in black
- generic 120 e/s palette
- Estee Lauder l/s in Nectarine 126
- generic false eyelashes

On Brittany:
- Skin 79 super beblesh balm triple functions
- Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Soft Matte
- Dior Beauty Confidential 001 Sun Illusion
- NYX The Crimson Amulet Dark Shadows palette
- E.L.F. gel eyeliner in black
- Sephora luxe noir e/s palette in Gold
- Aya Takano x Shu Uemura Lip Duo in Harmony Pink
- generic false eyelashes

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Nice It Would Be

How nice it would be if I could sleep. It is getting to the point where I feel like a maniac. I have no more flow to my thoughts and only listen to classical music. Although people around me would be impressed to know my non-spacing out streak, and eye-bag free days lasted relatively long.

Ugh, my boots. My eight year old boots are breaking apart, leaking water, squeaking and everything else that makes it completely useless and annoying. They are also thiiiiis outdated.

I removed the only pic with a shot of my face in it, as it was too unflattering and cringe worthy. Much like JJ Jia's dance (Hyuna's dance) in the HK version of Gangnam Style which you can see here. Don't say I didn't warn you, haha. The main guy could easily be PSY's double.

Photography: Carmen

hearts & bows cardigan ~$35 
no name nordic longsleeve ~$10 
 infinity scarf from urban $25 
spike bracelet ~$1-2 via ebay 
leggings from mexy  ~$15
circa 2004 roxy boots ~ $60
 satchel from avenue & co. ~ 89 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Too Faced Holiday Collection 2012 | Sweet Indulgences Palette

This is Too Faced's Holiday Collection for 2012, Sweet Indulgences. Carmen got me this for my birthday (today) and I decided to take some pictures to share with you guys :) This is my first palette ever, I own like...four non-neutral quads. We did end up testing this a bit yesterday as I was getting ready to go to a wedding and she helped me do my makeup hehe. The bronzer suits me way better (it's lighter) than what we usually use for the editorial shoots (Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess in Soft Matte). I actually love that it comes in a tin box, thanks Carmen :)

Thanks to the eye shadow primer (full-sized), even my gel eyeliner stayed smudge-free for 8 hours...which is actually a miracle on my lids. Edit: 3 hours max, nevermind :(

indoor lighting

with flash
with flash
L to R:  Marshmallow, Lovey Dovey, Malted Milk Ball, Cherry Cola, Copper Peony (with flash)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cozy Cardigan

I always used to think that leopard prints were only for mid-aged to older business women. Hahaha, but then I guess when it comes to fashion and creativity...there are no boundaries. (Or is there? Hmm...) Oh yeah, so my bangs were in the way when Doris took these pictures...shoulda brought a bobby pin.

PS: excuse my overly dry hands (last pic.) Edmonton is getting super dry :(

Photography: Doris

gifted cardigan
necklace via ebay $4
forever 21 shirt $5 and shorts $15

bag from material girl $45
boots from sterling $50

What Dreams Are Made Of

I have all these images to blame for my apocalyptic, mad, and thought-provoking dreams. Although I do love and respect Mika Nakashima, Freja Erichsen, Daul Kim (r.i.p.), and KMrii ...


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these image, they were all found on google or tumblr awhile ago and have been saved on my computer under meaningless numbers.

With that being said,
good night!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Handknit Cardigan

I cannot believe there is yarn out there that is this pretty!  My grandma made this cardigan for me last Christmas and it is something I will treasure forever. I have a hard time describing the colors (people often argue with me that I am colourblind) so I will just let these pictures speak for themselves. :)

This metallic green by Castledew is such a stunner, it is definitely in my top five favourites. I picked up only two of these nail polishes while I was in Korea, one metallic green and the other, a metallic blue. I completely regret not buying more. I got these for $5 after haggling with my friend, and even though they were covered with dust and such in the market, they were really quite hard to find. I am also wearing my favourite necklace (although as an afterthought I shouldn't have worn it as it clashes). I have had this for quite awhile now maybe 3-4 years and I have only worn it once. I thought it was so unique but had a fear everyone would ask me why I did not get a smiley face instead, haha.

 Photography: Carmen

 t-shirt: forever 21 $5 
 necklace: alex and chloe $46 
 pants: from hk ~$50 
 bag: vintage celine gifted 
  nail polish: castledew in 9729 from Korea $5 
  flats: unif hellraisers $126

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free People Pants

It snowed here in Edmonton today! D's hands were literally frozen while she tried to get the camera rollin'. Since it's getting quite chilly...I think it's time for us to whip out our down jackets, gloves, hats, ear muffs, uggs, 3 layers of socks, build our igloos, and ride polar bears to school soon. Haha, kidding about the polar bears and igloos.

I love these pants from Free People! The pattern and colours make them one-of-a-kind. They have an awesome fit and it is just so easy for me to spot them in my closet! Oh and during one of my breaks today at school, I came across this jewelry stand that sold rings, bracelets and other stuff. They go by the name of Modern Glamour or something. I literally stood there for 1 hour looking at all their stuff! I managed to pick up 2 pieces...maybe I'll put up some pictures one day.

Stay warm everyone!

Photography: Doris

Jacket: $25 H&M 
 denim shirt: $95 (TNA)Aritzia 
Pants: $32 (Original $125) Free People
 Shoes: $15 (Original $45) Material girl 
  Scarf: $15 Aldo 
 Bag: Gifted 
 Glasses: Burberry 
--Total: $182

... ... ...
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