Sunday, January 6, 2013

Somebody said to me

Most of you are probably already familiar with Alyssa from the Ordinary People's blog. We went to high school together, and yes, I can attest to her being fashionable then too ;). We ended up getting together this past thursday for a shoot. Not only did she wait patiently for us to get ready, it was so comfortable, like we were just hanging out. I have to admit, I had doubts because I am so camera shy, but it was quite fun. Thanks so much for all you've done for us!

Blogging is something I’ve tried a long time ago but never followed through. Never would I think anyone would want to hear or see what I do with my time. I used to write something and then save it as a draft. One of the main reasons being the writing process itself burnt me out of whatever emotion I was carrying so intensely. It was so therapeutic that sometimes I didn’t even save what I wrote as draft. And if I did happen to save, I’d go back, reread and find so many flaws with my logic. Not that I don’t have eye bags now, but during my insomniac state, they were hands down the worst. I had too many thoughts in my head, ideas, emotions, feelings that I couldn’t liberate. I felt consumed and choked. But really, that was just another kind of outlet blogging helped me with.

This blog started out as a creative outlet for Carmen and I (still is), and no matter how you look at it, we are just everyday normal girls that have an interest in fashion and makeup. But…you came here for the pictures, so enough of my rambling. First couple of pictures as well as the last one are some of our favourites edited by Alyssa, you can see the complete shoot here

On Doris: Cardigan-Sheinside, White tank- Alternative apparel, shorts- Forever 21, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Tripoli

On Carmen: Jacket- H&M, shirt- Forever 21, Blouse- thrifted, scarf & bag- Gifted from Asia, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas in Mint

Makeup by Carmen
All photos by Alyssa Lau


  1. Hiii :)
    I slid through Ordinary people.
    Just wanted to say that I love you guys' outfits
    and your blog too!

  2. You guys look amazing! And I'm in love with your blog already! <3

  3. Just found out about your blog via Ordinary People and I love it! You girls are awesome!


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