Monday, January 21, 2013

Topbox January 2013

For the January Topbox, it was completely Clinique-based. I actually just got it today which is rather late and was again, severely disappointed when I opened it. You know, I'm thinking that instead of hoping I will get an exciting luxury sample, I am probably better off saving my money to buy the exact item I want. But yeah, I do believe I will be cancelling my subscription. No more beauty boxes for me haha.

Out of Clinique's many many products, I was  praying on the off chance I would not be sent skin-related products. As good as their moisture surge cream is, I try my best to avoid Clinique's other skin products as they don't work too horribly well on me. Although I have heard that their chubby sticks are good, I already have way too many lip products.

P. s. I also heavily swatched the eyeshadow duo for your viewing pleasure, mine is in shade "strawberry duo" and I found it rather hard to build an intense colour. But the pink does have a slight golden sheen that is much more apparent in person.

Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent
Make it a clean sweep, from lashes to brows. Or use for on-the-spot makeup fixes. Oil-free. Full Size: $25 (125mL)

Clarifying Lotion
Formulated to help lift the world's impurities to create healthier, younger skin. Full Size: $16 (200mL), $27 (400mL)

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo
Go-together shades of silky, easy-to-blend colour in a chrome slide compact. Full size: $25 (2.5g). Shade: Strawberry fudge duo

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
Comparable to a leading drug ingredient in visibily reducing dark spots by 58% in 12 weeks. Full Size: $63 (30mL), $93 (50mL)

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