Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fly high, but stay grounded

Hello lovely people who actually reads my posts. Carmen here...again! I am finally back from Asia, and oh my time there was just AH-MAZ-ING!!! I experienced and tried many new things (such as the food...oh gosh...I can go on and on about the food!). I also had the chance to shadow a studio photoshoot while I was in Hong Kong. For those of you who follow my instagram, there's a photo of me making myself useful instead of just standing around...haha. Everything there was about speed, and of course...quality.

So while I was in Korea and Hong Kong, I couldn't help but to notice the fashion sense of the people there. I don't really know the word to describe it...but they were really conservative with what they wear, yet very attractive. No one was afraid to express their individuality through what they wear, and everyone was just stylin'! For this blog post, again I'd have to thank Doris for modeling and for once again being my rag doll. She sat there diligently without a word of complaint as I did her hair, makeup, and coached her poses.

For this look, I wanted to bring out both the feminine and fierce side of a woman in a mysteriously attractive, yet conservative way. Therefore I put Doris's hair up in a pony tail, curled, and flipped it over to the front as bangs for that androgynous/mysterious look. I then opted for a smokey eye makeup, and skipped out on the fake lashes for a cleaner appearance. Instead, I used a heavy eyeliner technique and extended the wing. To add to the femininity, I used a bright pink lipstick I bought at Etude House from Korea. We couldn't find a nice top for this look at first, but as we rummaged through my closet, this blazer I bought a while ago from XXI definitely caught my eye. The rest of the styling was done by Doris.

Ok, I'm done blabbering. I shall continue about my time in Asia in my next post. In the meantime, follow my instagram (carmen010491) for a more personal side of me, and for more frequent updates. Bye for now!

“Be still, and know that I am God"- Psalm 46:10

Hair, makeup, concept, image directing, photography and editing: Carmen
Modeling and styling: Doris


  1. So awesome to hear you had fun in Asia! I miss it. Love the makeup and blazer on Doris. You guys are so artistic. =)

    1. Aww, thanks Melanie!! We're loving your style too!!! =)

  2. Nice styling! Dangg that hairstyle is H-O-T.
    Very cool.


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