Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cold Dust Girl

Because of my new teacher, I have been scrutinizing piano as a whole so differently.  It’s so much more abstract in an arranged way. That probably makes no sense but, most of the practicing happens mentally now as I try and get rid of the many years worth of bad habits. There really is no real reason for me to play the instrument if I don’t get the thought process right given the other variables will then provide distractions. And I still have a hard time relaxing myself (but that goes for everything e.g. getting a massage).

On a different note, I have plan to skateboard this summer...wait what?  It’s a little late but I don’t want to look back decades down the road and feel remorse and general discontent on missing out on something I wanted to do years and years ago. People that know me will probably say I’m crazy given my clumsy nature and weakening bones, but I think people see me as I present myself to them.  And how I see it, everyone knows a different side of me. Put what everyone knows of me together, and voila you have me. Just kidding.

P.s. I’m not really looking forward to Heart of the Swarm as much as I thought I would. Probably because I didn’t even ladder that much on Wings of Liberty. 

P.s.s.  Look at this: Guerlain’s Turandot. It’s super pretty and the name is chosen so well! (I can’t believe I have become this girly)

beanie loft 82
knit cardigan sheinside
tank urban outfitters
jeffrey campbell spiked litas via solestruck
beaded bracelet premium co.
cross bracelet scarlett hearts
cross ring topshop
pyramid ring via ebay
bag gifted


  1. You are pretty freaking awesome! You definitely have a new follower <3



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