Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yves Rocher Cure Solutions 24H Vitality Skin Care Anti-Fatigue Cream

Originating from France, the brand Yves Rocher, if many of you don't know, are known for its plant-based products. I still have the mirror lip glosses from the first time the store opened at West Edmonton Mall two to three years ago. Today, I have chosen one of their best-selling creams to review.

"Cure Solutions 24H Vitality Skin Care is enriched with Red Vine Polyphenols. In one month it:- Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles,- Reduce signs of fatigue,- Revitalizes the skin.The Plus : The firm dense texture of this cream and its stimulating fragrance. It floods the skin with revitalizing vigor. The effect is spectacular. And so is the sensation."- Yves Rocher

This cream promises a lot...but it wasn't for me. In short, this cream broke me out, and I would love to find out why, but the ingredients are not listed anywhere. Actually, maybe it was listed on the box, but I threw that away long ago and unfortunately, they are not listed on the website. I love the color of the container - it just looks so promising!

Most people comment on the cream having an overpowering smell, but I think it smells really good (like wine but not). The texture is a bit weird, I would say it spreads well but not something I would choose as a base for make-up - it did not sink into my skin quickly and came off a bit waxy. This cream made me so oily within half an hour, which was a definite first for me.

I remember somewhere on the box, I was told to use this for one month straight (day and night) to see results, but my skin rejected this cream completely. Basically,  the skin under my eye became super itchy and red (as well as having bloodshot eyes), I have a hunch that it contains mineral oil. I gave it a week to try, but I started to get red spots on my cheeks, and my skin started to yellow (I am normally quite pale, yellowing on me is a sign of toxicity). I ended up giving this to C as she has less sensitive skin, and things that do not work for me, usually work wonders on her. Thankfully, I got this as a freebie.

I have other Yves Rocher products, primarily their lip products and mascaras, and I really really like them. I wanted to test out some of their skin care for a change, and as I could not tell if it had mineral oil from the website, I ended up taking a risk. However, everything is all right now as I have started to use Clinique's Moisture Surge for dry to combination skin instead and things have cleared up. I will also be doing a review on that next time. =)

P.S. Hi to all our wonderful new readers!
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