Monday, December 10, 2012

Le soleil est près de moi

So yeah these pictures were taken in -28 degrees celsius. Probably not too smart on my part...

While watching tv yesterday, I saw an elephant mother give birth to a dead calf, it was so gross & sad yet I was too curious to turn away.  The rest of the elephants in the enclosure gave the mother space to mourn and stuff :(.

It reminded me of my first time at a zoo. My grandma kept stepping on chicken poop, my mom complained about the heat, and my dad forgot to close the goat pen and more than half ran off with the staff chasing. But that’s a story for another time.

P.s. So sorry for the lack of updates! Carmen and I have been pretty busy with exams and with shorter days it’s so hard to find enough light to shoot :(.

giyongchy beanie via ebay
camo sweater sheinside
faux leather leggings via ebay
jeffrey campbell tripoli via solestruck
spelldesigns bag gifted

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