Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eco-Style | Sustainable Fashion

Apart from big names that are sitting comfortably at the top of the fashion industry (such as LV, Chanel, Burberry, Christian Dior to name a few), do you know what else is climbing its' way up the fashion ladder? Yup, and that would be sustainable fashion (or green fashion).

Anyways, it's sustainability week here at the University of Alberta! I'm (Carmen) part of a student group called Eco-Style, and we basically promote sustainable fashion throughout the campus and around Edmonton. You can find the facebook page here. We really do encourage donating your unwanted but still wearable clothes, and to thrift shop for awesome fashion finds at a great price. It's friendly to the environment and plus...your wallet would probably thank you.

As well, a huge thank you to Alyssa Lau from the Ordinary Peoples blog for being one of our models for this shoot. Check out her look book and blog! The girl's got some impressive style goin' on! As well thanks to the committee, all the stylists, makeup artists, Henry, and all other models for helping out!

Doris and I helped out with the photoshoot and makeup, so keep scrolling down for images. The theme is pretty much like a vintage house party. All clothing items are from Goodwill.








All Photos by Doris
Photo editing by Carmen

PS. There will be a fashion show at the University of Alberta in SUB on November 16th. All clothing will be from Goodwill and will be styled by Eco-Style. Come check it out! Go green, everyone!


  1. The photos turned out great! Thanks so much for having me! ;)
    Love the blog Carmen and Doris <3

    1. Alyssa! Thanks so much for coming!
      As we love YOURS ♥ :)
      Congrats on 2000 readers!


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