Monday, November 19, 2012

Daul Kim

Exactly three years ago this day, Daul Kim (20 years old) was found dead in her apartment. Suicide, they said. I, myself, had only discovered her blog a couple days before her death and was quite shocked. Having heard that, I went back and read the entire blog. Then it didn’t seem so sudden after all.  

There was a lot of speculation and grey area around her death. Many thought that since she was so high up in her career as a model, she was afraid she would fall. Another theory was that she was already self-harming herself (the name of her blog was I like to fork myself), and just couldn’t take it anymore.

Whatever the reason, Daul Kim remains as one of my five most favourite / influential people. I can relate, from her taste in minimal trance, to her love of Chrome Hearts. In any case, I thought it was only fitting to share some of the incredible works she has done. Daul, may you rest in peace.

All pictures are taken from tumblr.

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