Saturday, September 1, 2012

Introduction | Androgynous

an·drog·y·nous [an drójjənəss]
1. blending masculine and feminine: neither male nor female in appearance but having both conventional masculine and feminine traits and giving an impression of ambiguous sexual identity

  • androgynous looks 

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    Doris and I are two ordinary girls born and raised in the peaceful town of Edmonton, Alberta, which is located in the multicultural country known as Canada. Alberta is famously known for its' rich oil and gas industry, but never is anything mentioned when it comes to fashion. In recent years, we have started to notice that people are more willing to express their own styles, and even try out new styles that are influenced by different countries around the world.

    I grew up with two brothers, therefore I would have days where I am a complete tomboy, and some other days where I do appear more lady-like. With a mix of Doris and I's different characters, we came up with the blog name of "Androgyne-us." Some days we will feel more on the tomboy side, other days more girly, and even a combination of the two styles on odd occassions.

    I've always had a strong interest in health and wellness, fitness, art, design, photography, fashion, hair, and makeup in one package. I believe that beauty or attractiveness is never based on wearing provocative and revealing attire. With that being said, I love the joy of reaching out to women to help them find, appreciate and respect the inner and outer beauty they are already blessed with.

    Please bear with us, because all makeup, hair, nail art, styling, and photography is not done by professionals. Photos are all self taken and self-edited. Concepts and themes are also brainstormed and agreed upon, then carried out between the both of us. Basically everything is done by ourselves!

    We will try our best to update and share with you guys our creative works, so keep an eye out for us!

    We were complete opposites from the very start. Carmen was the girly girl playing with her Sailormoon wands and tea party set, with big round eyes and a quiet demeanour. Me? I played with my huge toy car collection, built Lego guns, had small monolids, and was often the more emotional one. I could never really agree with Carmen on fashion and makeup until maybe one or two years ago, when I thought, hey, that's not as bad as I thought...then before you know it, we would recommend products to each other, and I would eventually let her use me as a rag-doll, haha.

    We have started blogs before but never together, and the hardest thing about keeping a blog is having the enthusiasm to post again and again. Carmen wanted to start something with me because well, we are for once, finally on the same wavelength.

    "Androgyne-us" is what we have decided on. It is a play on the sound of androgynous (but with Carmen & I as "us"), and I must reassure you we are not hermaphrodites (although we have nothing against them). We hope this blog is something we can upkeep and showcase in an artful and creative manner of the contradicting personalities between Carmen and I.

    We are not associated or sponsored by any of the brands, labels, or products mentioned in this blog. Any recommendations of  products are strictly based off our own personal opinion and experiences.

    You can reach us at:, twitter: @theandrogyneus

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