Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Chloe :)

I've always wanted a dog, and finally in Februrary 2012, I became a dog owner. Carmen and I would obsess about dogs and animals in general growing up. Our initial plans were to become veterinarians ( I still remember). Yesterday was my dog's first birthday (one month before mine is why I'll never forget) and I'm not too sure how old she is in human years. Some people say the first birthday means she turned sixteen in human years and every year after, it counts for seven years? An online calculator says she is currently ten-and-a-half. Haha, either way, looking back, she has grown so much. Look how curly her fur got, and how plump she's gotten! :). Not to fret animal lovers, Chloe gets at least a walk a day.

Yes, that pose in the first picture is how she sits on a daily basis. As standard schnauzers go, she does have a loud bark, but barely bites. Whenever Carmen comes over however, Chloe is sure to make her presence known. :P

Alright, enough talking about my dog, on to the pictures!

Chloe at 5 months
Chloe at one years old

OOTD Photography: Carmen

jacket: ~$80 zara | t-shirt: $30 aritzia | leggings: $73 uptightso | flats: $129 (on sale) unif from dollskill | bag: vintage gucci (gifted) -- total: ~$312

These are my favourite leggings by far, I just love and obsess over green and black things in general, and what is not to like about these? They are super comfortable, however you can't see it in the photographs, but Chloe did scratch them a bit near my thigh area (which only bothers me when I run my hand over the otherwise smooth fabric). The nail polish I'm wearing is Green Gargantuan Grape by OPI, and I do wish I chose something greener. It was my first time wearing it and a bit of a let down really, as swatches online came out in such a vibrant light green.

These pictures were all taken in our back yard area...I'm not too sure what to call it. We live pretty well at the border of Edmonton and yes, we do hear Coyotes howling at night. A few neighbours have told me, that they saw the coyotes pretty much in the wheat-looking field right behind the fence (refer to second-last picture).

We also could have had a chance to capture those same Canadian geese taking flight (right at us) but as I struggled to remove my camera's len's cap they flew over our heads. Those birds make some obnoxious sounds I tell you - Henry has a theory that in their language they are hyping each other yelling  "Go! Go! Go!" - that never fails to amuse me.


  1. really like your style, great look! hope to see much more from you :)

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for dropping by, and for the follow =)
      Congrats on your first fashion show :)



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