Saturday, September 8, 2012

That Cool Girl

Here is our second editorial post! We had a bit more time this shoot so we were able to take more photos before the sun went down. We are loving this theme, the confident "cool" girl you may have seen on the streets. Read on for how you can re-create this look too.

Model: Carmen
Photgraphy: Doris

On the outfit and the hair curling (Doris):
Bronze, copper, black, taupe, and brown. The darker shades of fall, and one might even say it is border-line boring. However, the chic motorcycle jacket added attitude as well as a tailored look to C's small frame. The shorts were fun to work with because of the endless possibilities. I could have opted for a plainer tank, but I decided to risk it with a clashing crocodile print. The blouse was tucked in to give the illusion of an elongated torso. You could always opt for tights underneath the shorts, however I felt that if C wore black tights, there wouldn't be balance. Therefore, C decided to add some loose black ankle socks, which added height and wasn't too overpowering. The wedges and ring were one of the more eye-catching pieces. I really wanted to contrast the coppery bronze in the shorts, so I opted for a golden bag and a lighter blouse.

 I ended up curling C's hair with an Instyler curling iron. With hair a bit below shoulders, the curls ended up creating more texture to the overall look. If you want looser curls, you could brush out the curls.  Since C has thin hair, I mainly curled the hair away from the face for more volume. Unwashed hair for at least a day would hold curls a lot better than freshly washed hair. The natural oils help retain the curls easier as well as creating a small buffer from the heat.

On the hair styling, makeup and nails (Carmen): 
 The overall outfit has an unique edgy-girly look with a tomboyish twist. After D curled my hair, I decided to slick half my hair up to play on the tom-boy side of the look, and leave the other half down to give it that feminine vibe. I'm not exactly a very tall person, so to add to my height, more volume is emphasized at the crown.

To bring out the edginess, I decided to mainly focus on eyeliner. Following the natural lines of the eye with a gel liner, and extending it out a bit will elongate the eye. Finish off the line with a more defined "fish tail" flick will definitely give your eyes more character. Eyeshadow is kept to a minimum, but contouring and highlighting is a must. Lips are kept at a subtle hint of pink for that lady-like look.

The outfit contains very earthy shades which in turn, blend in with each other very well. To add some contrast and some color, I decided to have my nails painted in my favourite mint green and blue. Black and white designs are added so the nails can transition nicely with the colours of the outfit. Rhinestones are added for more dimension.

- garnier moisture rescue refreshing gel-cream
- laneige shimmer brightening multi base spf 41 pa++
- estee lauder bronze goddess soft matte bronzer
- kiko milano origami face palette

- garnier anti-dark circle eye roller
- kate kanebo reflect mirror eyes br-3
- kate kanebo gel e/l in bk-1
- bobbi brown e/s in steel
- estee lauder softsmudge e/p in black
- estee lauder magnascopic maximum volume mascara

- tokyo milk sweet cream
- three custom color specialists l/g in mod 1960
- sephora l/g pencil in 3

- rimmel london base coat top coat pro
- sally hansen mint sorbet
- essence you belong to me
- rimmel london black satin
- sally hansen disco ball
- no name white nail lacquer from korea

Keep a look-out for our next outfit posts.
Let us know if you guys want to see any specific styles. :)
Have a blessed week!

C & D

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