Sunday, October 14, 2012

Handknit Cardigan

I cannot believe there is yarn out there that is this pretty!  My grandma made this cardigan for me last Christmas and it is something I will treasure forever. I have a hard time describing the colors (people often argue with me that I am colourblind) so I will just let these pictures speak for themselves. :)

This metallic green by Castledew is such a stunner, it is definitely in my top five favourites. I picked up only two of these nail polishes while I was in Korea, one metallic green and the other, a metallic blue. I completely regret not buying more. I got these for $5 after haggling with my friend, and even though they were covered with dust and such in the market, they were really quite hard to find. I am also wearing my favourite necklace (although as an afterthought I shouldn't have worn it as it clashes). I have had this for quite awhile now maybe 3-4 years and I have only worn it once. I thought it was so unique but had a fear everyone would ask me why I did not get a smiley face instead, haha.

 Photography: Carmen

 t-shirt: forever 21 $5 
 necklace: alex and chloe $46 
 pants: from hk ~$50 
 bag: vintage celine gifted 
  nail polish: castledew in 9729 from Korea $5 
  flats: unif hellraisers $126


  1. your grandmother rools omg
    i really love all the stuff you post)))
    ~u are beautiful~


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