Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Nice It Would Be

How nice it would be if I could sleep. It is getting to the point where I feel like a maniac. I have no more flow to my thoughts and only listen to classical music. Although people around me would be impressed to know my non-spacing out streak, and eye-bag free days lasted relatively long.

Ugh, my boots. My eight year old boots are breaking apart, leaking water, squeaking and everything else that makes it completely useless and annoying. They are also thiiiiis outdated.

I removed the only pic with a shot of my face in it, as it was too unflattering and cringe worthy. Much like JJ Jia's dance (Hyuna's dance) in the HK version of Gangnam Style which you can see here. Don't say I didn't warn you, haha. The main guy could easily be PSY's double.

Photography: Carmen

hearts & bows cardigan ~$35 
no name nordic longsleeve ~$10 
 infinity scarf from urban $25 
spike bracelet ~$1-2 via ebay 
leggings from mexy  ~$15
circa 2004 roxy boots ~ $60
 satchel from avenue & co. ~ 89 

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