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Bohemian Twist Ft. Katy

T h e m e :   T h e   B o h e m i a n   T w i s t
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Here it is! Our third attempt at an editorial shoot. This time featuring our friend Katy from Hong Kong (on the left). We met her during our 2nd year in University, and this is already going to be her last year studying here in Canada before graduation. Like Carmen, Katy is studying textiles and clothing as well.

This was pretty much an impromptu shoot. It was actually quite hectic (and may we add, full of funny moments). Carmen had to do both Katy and Doris' makeup and styling in a super tight time span. We started right after we got off school and arrived home to prepare for the shoot at around 5 pm (the sun starts going down during the Fall here at around 6 pm). It was pretty much a race against sunlight because we needed the natural lighting! All in all, we had so much fun doing this shoot! A big thank you to Katy and Doris for modeling! Keep scrolling for more images.  

(博客更新囉!! 這一次我們邀請了我們的朋友Katy 擔任這次拍攝的其中一位模特兒(左邊)。Katy是來自香港的留學生。由於KatyCarmen也在同一個學系,主修紡織與服裝,所以我們在大二的時候開始變得親近。今年是她們大學的最後一年,她們都即將畢業了!

我們這次的拍攝都比較即興。一下課立馬趕回家準備所有的東西,雖然很趕但在整個準備跟拍攝的過程中都很開心! C要在超短的時間內完成KatyDoris的造形和妝容。當造形和妝容都準備好的時候,已經是下午五點了(在這裡太陽一般都大概在六點鐘下山)。由於我們在拍攝的過程中非常需要自然光,所以我們整個拍攝過程簡直是跟陽光在比賽! 但不管怎麼樣,這一次的拍攝真的很開心! 非常感謝Katy Doris擔任這次拍攝的模特兒! 請把鼠標繼續往下滑,可以看到更多的照片喔! )

Models: Katy (left), Doris (Right)
模特兒: Katy (), Doris ()
Photography, makeup, creative directing and coaching: Carmen
攝影, 妝容, 創意指導: Carmen

Hello everyone! I am Katy. I am so delighted and thankful that Carmen and Doris invited me to shoot, style, and translate their blog. Last year, I was already telling Carmen that we should set up a blog to post everything that was related to Fashion. And now, I am so happy that we are actually doing it!

I really love hanging out with both of them; they are so pretty and nice! I had a lot of fun doing this shoot. Carmen is really good at coaching Doris and I for posing in front of a camera. She is also incredible at make up. Also, I think Doris could become a professional and successful model because of her unique features. I am looking forward to the next time we can style and shoot together! Please look out for us, we are definitely going to have more posts together! 

- Katy

On the Styling: All of us worked together, trying to piece different outfits to ensemble for that "Bohemian" look with a street style twist. We ended up rummaging through Doris' closet for accessories and scarves, and then flipped through Carmen's closet for the clothes. Doris wore her own white blouse and both Katy and Doris wore their own leggings. We were going for a mirror-image, or twin-like effect, so the clothing had to be similar but at the same time different. 

On the Makeup: I love monolids (Both Katy and Doris have monolids)! I've mentioned before that monolids can be difficult to work with, but once you get the hang of it...words cannot describe how amazing they showcase the makeup (these pictures just don't do any justice)! With the correct eyeliner and eye shadow technique, monolids can bring out a very exotic, yet fierce look. I chose a brown and a black eye shadow for a gradient effect. It then fades into a gold tone shimmer towards the inside corner of the eye. The eyeliner has an exaggerated wing that helps accentuate the fierceness I was going for. Fake doll-like lashes were added to open up the eyes more. Blush was kept to a minimum, but bronzer and highlighter were used more heavily for contouring. 

(大家好! 我是Katy! 很開心CarmenDoris邀請我當她們這次拍攝的模特兒。可以跟她們一起做造型和拍攝真的非常開心! 上一年,我跟Carmen就一直說我們會一起開一個博客,分享任何關於時裝的東西。沒想到我們真的做了! 也很感謝DorisCarmen遨請我幫她們做翻譯。這一次的拍攝都玩得很開心! Carmen和Doris人都超級好跟可愛,Carmen很善於指導我跟Doris拍攝的姿勢,而且她超會化妝的! 至於Doris,因為她獨特的五官我覺得她根本就是當模特兒的料! 請大家都定期更新我們的博客! 將會更新更多精彩的博客給大家看!

- Katy


我很喜歡單眼皮的人 (巧合的是Katy Doris都擁有單眼皮)! 之前我有提起過單眼皮的妝容都很難畫, 可是現在我發現一旦你畫久了,單眼皮妝容的吸引度是不能用文字去形容。只要掌握好畫眼線和眼影的技術,你就可以畫出像外國人臉上的那種犀利感。另外,我用了咖啡色和黑色的眼影打造漸變的層次感。這種畫法能讓眼頭感覺更光亮。 強調誇張和往上畫的眼線更能幫助我畫出理想的妝容。加上像洋娃娃般的假睫毛能讓眼晴增大好幾倍! 在這個造型上,腮紅只需畫一點點就好了! 可是,古銅色的修容和打亮的部份都需要畫得比較重,這樣才能讓輪廓更突出。)

- skin79 super beblesh balm triple functions
- estee lauder bronze goddess soft matte bronzer
- sleek makeup blush by 3 in lace
- temptu retouch highlighter in pink pearl
- sephora luxe noir palette in gold for highlighting

- kanebo kate gel e/l in bk-1
- sephora luxe noir palette in gold
- nyx black e/s
- estee lauder softsmudge e/p in black
- generic false eyelashes from hong kong

- physicians formula gentle cover concealer stick
- pandora's makeup box soft caramel l/s
- maybelline l/g in 952

What do you guys think about this look and our attempt on an editorial shoot? Thank you and a big shout out again to Katy for being a part of this fun shoot!


1 John 4:19

Translations: Katy
翻譯: Katy

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