Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cozy Cardigan

I always used to think that leopard prints were only for mid-aged to older business women. Hahaha, but then I guess when it comes to fashion and creativity...there are no boundaries. (Or is there? Hmm...) Oh yeah, so my bangs were in the way when Doris took these pictures...shoulda brought a bobby pin.

PS: excuse my overly dry hands (last pic.) Edmonton is getting super dry :(

Photography: Doris

gifted cardigan
necklace via ebay $4
forever 21 shirt $5 and shorts $15

bag from material girl $45
boots from sterling $50


  1. loove this outfit! So casual and chic- Leapord print is def in style:) And your nails are so pretty!

  2. I'm really loving your OOTDs! Keep up the awesome posts, I'm a new follower :)

    1. Thank you for following!
      Glad you like it :)

      - Carmen


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